We are supplied by several of the largest national distributors and can have nearly firearm in your hands within two to three days. (provided the item is available and in stock from one of our distributors)  Call or email for pricing and availability before you buy elsewhere.  Of course, we realize there are some really good deals available online from time to time, and usually there is no sales tax to add.  So if you find such a deal, use us to handle the receipt and transfer procedure.  We are fully licensed and can take care of all the BATF required paperwork for you.

Sales & Transfers

Buy direct from us or have your firearm shipped to us for legal transfer

training and instruction

NRA Certified Pistol instructors provide hands on training from novice to expert levels.  Whether you're new to the shooting sports or just looking to improve on years of experience - we can help.  We also provide the required course of instruction for the NC Concealed Carry Handgun Permit, with instruction certified by the North Carolina Criminal Justice Training Standards Comminnsion.  Our lead instructor is a former police officer with years of experience and training.  If you want to learn about hunting - you learn from a hunter.  If you want to learn about long distance shooting or competitive shooting - you learn from a sniper or a competitive shooter.

But if you want to learn about how to be safe from bad guys and bad situations - you learn from a cop!

Email Mike@black-coyote.com or call him at 980-722-7370 for registration and scheduling information.